“From one victim to another. Thank you.” – G, 1.27.15

“You have a gift, you are able to love the whole world without bitterness.” E, 11.9.15

“You hold up a mirror and make me look at who I am and who I want to be.” S, 10.15.15

“If you have not read any of Amy’s blog posts, I recommend you do. I love when Christians are real about their pain and struggles. We all have them. Take off the mask! Be real! Be who God has made you to be.” @coachdebbie58, 10.15.15

“I don’t let people talk to me about God, but when you talk, I listen.”-A, 2.23.15

“You’re the most magnetic person I’ve ever met.” – K, 2.15.15

“When I was 16 I was raped by my pastor. Next week I turn 60. You’re the first person I ever told.” -F, 10.30.14

“I haven’t been to church in 10 years. Today I felt like I went to church. Thank you.” – A, 10.30.14

@AmyVButler I’m a victim/survivor of voyeurism. Your blog has been healing for me to read. Thank you from my heart.” @lisaevictoria – 9.15.2014

“One of the most moving blogs I have encountered by a victim of video voyeurism.” –http://ivictim.tumblr.com/ , 6/2014

“You have a way with words.” A, 12/2013

“You give words to how I feel.” Y, 11/2013

“Your post Tuesday @ 2 made me cry. (Good tears) I printed it off and took it to my counselor during my next session.” Z, 7/2013

“Reading your blog has made me a better social worker.” -Mallory, 6/8/2013

“Your blog gave me the courage to tell my friends and family I had a miscarriage.” -L, 2012

“You practice what you preach, that’s rare.” -T, 7/2013

“Every week I share your blog with my family. In a weird way it is healing for us too. Sammy was like part of our family.” – S, 2012

“Knowing you faced him gives me courage to face my abuser.” R- 9/2013

“When my abuse happened no one told the truth. You do.” -S, 2/2013

“Until reading your blog I never told anyone about my abuse. Today I told my mom.” -E, 3/2013

“You define the word courage.” -D, 9/2012

“Please don’t quit. The church needs more pastors like you.” -J’s Dad, 9/2012