Resolana Farms - One Year Anniversary

Dear Friends,

It’s exciting times right now. I’ve officially been at Resolana Farms one year (yesterday). Last year I drove from Tennessee to a house I rented on Craigslist, sight unseen. This year I drove up to the same house, at the same time, with three bags of ice for my neighbor in exchange for his ironing board, a tub of ice cream for my other neighbor as a goodwill gesture for helping me plow the fields, and carrots for my baby horse Mágico who turned nine months old last week.

To say life out here is exciting is an understatement. It’s wild and hard and beautiful and “never a dull day” as I tell my friend, landlord, and business partner, Adelma. Life in the Wild, Wild, West is amazing. The people I’ve met and the adventures I’ve had could keep Netflix writers busy for the next 10 years. Every day is a mystery and I can’t stop thinking about how grateful I am to be here. But as you know, the road to get here was full of dead ends, pot holes, switchbacks, dangers, toils, and snares but as Wendell Berry says in my favorite book, Jayber Crow, “I have been unable to shake off the feeling that I have been led.” Make of that what you will.

2019 is going to be a wild ride! I hope you stick around to see how it goes!

Love, Amy

New Mexico